a) The Board of Trustees is made up of eight (8) reputable men and women with unwavering commitment towards building hope, alleviate poverty and suffering and uphold peaceful co-existence and development in our communities.

(i). Chairman, Board of Trustees: Rev (Egnr) Victor Anametemfiok; (ii). Executive Director; Bishop  Ransom Stephen; (iii). Mgtr (Mrs) Clara Kataps (Legal Adviser); (iv).  AVM. Debo Odunlade; (v). Revd (Egnr) Chidi Elele;  (vi). Elder Augustine Agbenyi;  (vii). Evangelist Gabriel Barau; (viii). Rev (Mrs.) Kate Ransom Stephen

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees presides over all Board meetings, in-order to give direction to the organization. It is also the duty of the Chairman to receive annual audited reports during the Board of Trustees meeting. The Chairman also ensures sufficient income generation flow for HOHVIPAD Community initiatives.

The Executive Director (ED)/is the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees and provides leadership for HOHVIPAD general activities.. For purposes of proper reporting on grants and programmes management, the Executive Director (ED) also serves as the Programmes Manager (PM) as the case may be. The Executive shall preside over Board of Trustees meeting whenever the Chairman is unavoidably absent.

The Assistant Executive Director (AED): The E.D is supported by an Assistant Executive Director (AED/ M&E) who reports directly to the Executive Director. The AED is the Head of Monitoring and Evaluation department. In addition, he co-ordinates all official reports.


(i) Dr. Nathaniel Oye (Education)

(ii) Dr. Lazarus Boslam (Health)

(iii) Mrs. Joyful Jahknwa (Education)

(iv).  Mrs. Mercy Awoke (Health)

(v) Mrs. Rabi Madani

(vi).  Revd Samuel  Nweze

The Advisory Board meets on quarterly basis with the Board of Trustees to plan and review annual calendar, budget and  receive reports of projects and  programmes. An end of the year report budget and audited report are presented during the annual meeting which holds in February every year. The Advisory Board meets only at the discretion of the Executive Director and may be invited to attend Board of Trustees meeting.


–  Bishop Ransom Stephen-Programme Manager

–  Revd Godfrey S Woke (A.ED/M&E)

–  Francis David -Head of Finance

The Staff Management team takes decisions on the day to day operational activities of HOHVIPAD, in line with project agreements and deadlines. It is also the responsibility of the Staff Management team to recruit or appoint competent staff for project engagement and activities. Both project proposal writing and implementation rest with the Staff management team.

Other operational staff are: Administrative Secretary, Programme Officers, Accounts officers, Monitoring & Evaluation officers, Community Relations Officer (CRO), Drivers and Cleaners respectively.

# Trained Volunteers: HOHVIPAD has over Sixty one (61) trained Volunteers. The first training of Volunteers was done in Yola in October 2015 by both Inter Faith and CHEDA Staff teams. HOHVIPAD volunteers serve as CROs in designated local communities.